Let’s face it; there are plenty of speakers out there ready to tell your audience what THE FUTURE has in store. But how many of them can show your audience how they can create their own best future?

For more than two decades Joe Tankersley has been helping organizations around the world imagine and realize their  visions for the future. As a speaker, Joe uses his unique storytelling skills and deep foresight knowledge to bring the future to life. His presentations are guaranteed to broaden your audience’s horizons, and change their perspective on what is possible.

If you’re looking for someone who can entertain, inspire, and empower your audience, then Joe Tankersley should be your next keynote speaker.



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Your talk was provocative in offering a new dimension of best practice for attendees here to consider.  With most people participating in events like ours to learn something new, and to take away something they can consider applying “back at the ranch”, you hit that one out of the park.

Meredith Baratz, VP   United HealthCare





Imagining A World of Sustainable Abundance

Is it possible to have a future filled with abundance without sacrificing people or the planet?

In this provocative presentation, Joe Tankersley challenges the idea that a sustainable future is only possible if we are willing to give up the “good life.”

Creating a world of sustainable abundance starts with the stories we tell ourselves about possible tomorrows. For too long we have focused on the extremes- we imagine either the bleakest version of the future or one artificially enhanced through the magic of technology. Neither version has the power to generate the change necessary to build a sustainable and abundant future.

Creating better tomorrows begins by reimagining our fundamental concepts of abundance and the good life. It is a story based on understanding the unique tensions and opportunities of life in our digital age. It is a story of optimism, inspiration, and achievable results.

This presentation is perfect for business leaders who desire to “do well while doing good.” It is the perfect complement to your efforts to create conscious and caring capitalism.

Joe will show audiences how to use the power of story to imagine and create futures that are ‘net positive’ for business, individuals, and the environment.

Imagining a world of sustainable abundance paints a vivid picture of a positive future. It will inspire and empower business leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday citizens, to create better tomorrows for all.

Imagineer Your Best Tomorrows

Do you feel like change is happening so fast that you don’t have any time to think beyond the current crisis?

Does imagining possible futures seem like an unnecessary luxury in this age of acceleration?

If you can’t even imagine your future how can you create it?

Using three powerful tools; foresight, critical imagination, and strategic narrative, Joe will show you how to create a roadmap to your best possible future.

You will learn how to:

  • Distinguish between hype and the trends that are creating real opportunities for the future.
  • Align future opportunities with your strategic goals.
  • Create a customized roadmap to your future.

Imagineer Your Best Tomorrows will leave you inspired, and empowered, to start building your best tomorrows, today.

Welcome to the MEdia Age

Over 300 hours of new video gets uploaded to YouTube every minute.

350 million photos are shared on Facebook each day

More than 40 billion photos have been posted on Instagram in less than five years.

This is the new MEdia Age, and it is changing the way we communicate with consumers, employees, even our friends, and family.

Every business that hopes to remain relevant in the MEdia Age must be able to answer these questions:

  • How do we reach these new producer-consumers?
  • What skills do a generation of digital natives bring to the workforce?
  • Are media makers creating a new digital renaissance?

Welcome tothe MEdia Age provides you with the insights to discover opportunities in this challenging new time where the line between makers and consumers is increasingly blurred.

Trend Busters

Everywhere you turn someone is promoting the next “latest greatest thing.”

You’re confronted with “incredible innovations” on every web page and in every tweet.

We do live in an era of accelerated change, but sometimes you just have to wonder how many of these “world changing” ideas are real and how many are hype.

How valuable would it be to your business to be able to see beyond the hype and anticipate the most important changes before they happen?

In this fast paced and free-wheeling ride through the world of trend research, Joe will show you how to distinguish between the substance and the fluff.

This presentation goes beyond trend reports to explore the forces driving change. Audiences will gain new insights about the trends that really matter to their future. Trend Busters also reveals the tools and skills you need to make sense of the continuing cacophony of trend reports and fad marketing.

Become a Trend Buster and learn how to stay ahead in today’s fast changing world.

… awesome presentation at the ABA LPD Conference.    It is always wonderful to attend a conference and bring home takeaways to benefit and stimulate my firm – and with your keynote, I am armed with just that.

Traci Ray, Exec Dir, Barran Liebmann, LLP

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