Why Won’t They Listen?

Ask any self-respecting social change agent about their issue and they will quickly drown you in data. They can reel off facts on how pervasive the problem is today, how fast it is growing, what segments of the population are at greatest risk, and most importantly, the exact date the problem will become an irreversible […]

Where did our Great Big Beautiful Tomorrows Go?

Oh, how we used to love the future. We dreamed of flying cars, back yard nuclear reactors and even colonies in space.  It was all going to be just so wonderful, we could hardly wait for tomorrow to get here. So what happened? Why did we fall out of love with the opportunities that were […]

Imagining a World of Sustainable Abundance

  This is an example of story as tool for exploring the future.  Originally presented at TEDxNASA@Silicon Valley.   Today is January 29, 2055.   It’s a crisp sunny afternoon in Asheville North Carolina where we’re gathered at the home of Miguel Jose Rodriguez. Miguel turns 100 years old today. He’s sitting right over there. I know you […]